What If I Told You That You Could Get 10 Beats For The Price Of 1?

Every day rappers spent loads of money purchasing beats. Leasing a basic beat usually, cost around $30 but can cost upwards $100 and in some cases even more!

The problem with this is that by spending these enormous amounts of money purchasing beats, it limits your budget for advertising the music you make. Even though the songs you’re making are HOT, it won’t mean anything if no one hears it. You need to prioritise advertising to blow up!

Don’t get me wrong; beats are essential. The instrumentals you’re using plays a big role in the results of your tracks, but this shouldn’t be eating up your budget!

Enters The Beat Box

Pick any 10 beats every month from the Utility Beats beatstore

10 Beats /Month

We have new beats dropping in our beatstore every day. Pick any beat(s) you want. Each month you'll be getting 10 points to collect beats for!

Distribute Anywhere

With these beats, you are able to use them for recordings and release them on all profitable streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music etc. The amount of distributions depends on the plan you're choosing!

Extra Freebies

We always like to give subscribers some extra gifts, so look forward to getting everything from free exposure through our social media to crazy deals on exclusive beats!

But The Beats Are Not All

One of the perks of being a member of The Beat Box is that you can send us an email at utilitybeats@gmail.com if you need anything! Let's schedule a Skype or Phone call and talk about everything! Topics could for example be...

  • Branding
  • Promotion
  • Song Feedback
  • Recording
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Getting Your Music On All Platforms
  • What To Release

Every Month New Bonuses Are Dropped Such As...

  • Free Mastering (Value = $30)
  • Free Vocal Mixing (Value = $60)
  • Complete Song Mixing & Mastering (Value = $100)
  • Album or Single Cover (Value = $50)


What up and coming rappers are saying?


Insta (4.5k Followers)

"I connected with utility beats for about two years ago. They reached out to me after I purchased one of their exclusives. When they told me about their idea of “The Beat Box” I was instantly hooked! I recommend this service for every rapper out there trying to blow up!"


Insta (3.1k Followers)

"You want to survive as a rapper in the music industry, you’re gonna need to join this service. The money you save is unthinkable."


Insta (1.5k Followers)

"I’ve spent, I don’t even know how many thousands of dollars on beats, so when I heard about the opportunity to get 10 beats, a month for a price that was lower than the one I used to pay for one single beat, this was a game changer for me."

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