Refund Policy
Last Updated on December 20th, 2020
If you want to place a purchase at but a worried about the product(s) you will receive please read this before buying.

As a rule, Utility Beats does NOT issue refunds for purchases placed on

With the exeption of our product "Custom Exclusive Beats", you (as the customer) will always have the opportunity to hear/see a sample of, or the entirety of, what you are getting from our website.

Due to the fact, that we exclusively sell digital products and licenses, and therefore do not ship any physical products, there will not be any issues with damaged physical goods.

Everything Utility Beats sell online, are almost exclusively in form of audio files (mainly MP3 and WAV audio files), that the customer will receive either for itself, in a folder (for example via, or and a compressed zip. folder file. These files are all tested by us, and previous customers, to make sure everyone can access their purchase.

Should it happen though, that you for whatever reason, have any problems with your file(s), reach out to us at and we will make sure, your purchase gets downloaded correctly.

Everything explained so far, is. the reason we do not issue refunds, as you get to know what you get before you purchase it, as well as you get the files, that you  are promised.

Following will explain further what this means, for our key product 'The Utility Beats Vault' from

Our most popular product (as of December 20th), 'The Vault' or 'The Utility Beats Vault', as well as various upsells (license upgrade options, and extra product packs), are not refundable in terms of directly getting back the money you spend on your purchase.

This is because the files you will get is exactly what is promised before purchasing, and because some of the instrumental audio files (hereinafter referred to as "Beats" or "beats"), you will receive with your purchase, are previewed before purchasing in form of 10-40 second samples. This gives you an idea of what will receive, and helps you decide for yourself rather or not it is worth buying.

What can be done, should you not be satisfied with your purchase

Should it happen, that you for whatever reason are not satisfied with the order you have placed on, we will be happy to give you store credits, for the amount of money you have spent, which can be redeemed with future purchases from

For any questions or concerns about Utility Beats' refund policy, contact